Sustainable Building

The Connector- 2 story strawbale construction


Design and construct healthy, ecological, energy efficient buildings to live and work in.
Repair, re-use, re-purpose, invent, simple, clean, green technology

The Betty Shabazz Community Yurt is in dire need of repair along with several other structures at the eco campus.


This shipping container building will serve several purposes for farming


The road in addition to the courtyard residences are in need of upgrades to prepare to house more trainees in 2020.

Accomplishments 2006-2019

2006-2008 Charette Plan: Training Area Build Out Repurposed 5 Mennonite Storage units for living and work space, tapped wells, built outdoor shower & compost toilets, constructed pond, built chicken coop from recycled materials

2008-2009 Community Build Project:  The Betty Shabazz CommUnity Yurt, 30 ft diameter, built in partnership with Betty Shabazz International Charter School.

Community Build Project: The Connector, connecting the Commons Cabin to the Carter Cabin to house a laundry area and bath.  2 floor straw-bale construction

Community Build Project, weekend retreat, build 4 dining tables and benches for the outdoor dining area, seats 80 people

Chef Tsadakeeyah of Majani’s Restaurant builds the outdoor kitchen

2009 Carter family gives up Chicago on grid home to homestead at the eco campus permanently

2013-2015 Farm Apprentices build 10 high tunnels from Chicago to Pembroke.

2019 building the Womb Greenhouse for early seedling starts with steel drum furnace & boiler and radiant floors


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