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Akin Carter, true founder at 13 y/o

Akin invites you to join The Pact

All bets are on everyday people practicing the skills of sustainability to change the course of the planet .

Carter Family, Co-Founders

As we approach our 11th winter off-grid, we are still mastering skills of sustainability.  The sacredness and the challenge of living close to the Earth has sculpted us.  A simple life, living inside our means has allowed us to be principled. We have maintained The Pact, stayed on the mission.  In the times we are in, it is not enough for a family to take up low carbon living. We must be BIG & BOLD in our stewarding to design ways to thrive. The difference cannot be made with one lone family. We invite you to…


This is a special donor group that wants to make a deeper commitment to community resiliency. It allows you to be intimately involved in the design and manifestation of The Pacts BIG & BOLD vision to transform the eco campus and the communities we serve. Donations over $1000.00 (including recurring contributions) brings you into a triple bottom line circle of sustainability that includes:

Preferred, 1st Option Sustainable Portfolio Investments with Collaborators

First Harvest Gifts, Events & Opportunities

Stakeholder Product Development Testers & Tastings

Monthly Communications

Renewable Energy


To step up our game for resilient communities we need more power!

The Pact

For those of us who believe and know that together can be critical in the critical mass to make a difference, we invite you to

Sustainable Agriculture


Holistic Integrative Management across 100+ acres is the BIG & BOLD farm plans for 2020. With a goal to expand our farmer training, bring in guest faculty and enhance our machinery to manual labor in favor of increasing production by more than double, we need a lot. Click here to learn more.

“In preparing for the world we face, I look to partner with people who have the courage and strength to find solutions to today’s problems”.

-Akin Carter

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