Skills: Worth More than Gold

There is no greater value than acquiring and mastering skills. Skills edit obstacles. Skills are a rudder transforming challenges to victory. They are means through which one can preserve and elevate quality of life for oneself and others, no matter how harsh the circumstance. They are central to sustainability, resilience, regeneration and are invaluable as their worth increases when currency is devalued. Life skills: to grow nutrient dense food and medicines, build energy efficient, sustainable shelters, manage renewable micro-energy systems and powerfully enrich relationships with self and others are the foundation of Black Oaks Center. With these skills, we can indeed create and navigate lifeboats through a difficult, climate uncertain future.

If you have skills that can change the course, turn the vulnerable to champions and make our children leaders fully equipped to take on the problems we face, we ask you to give the gift of teaching those skills. Share the gift of acquiring the skills of sustainability. It can alter the direction of humanity and all life on this most loved planet that connects us all.

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