Renewable Energy


Utilize and manage micro energy systems for home & work

Off Grid Energy Upgrades

Power to fuel growth at the eco campus, with renewable energy is heart and center of taking on BIG & BOLD to get to the next level. A 1000 Kw continuous diesel generator to take on a power scale up for farm use is a top priority. The plan is to produce bio-diesel fuel with hemp and recycled oil to make fuel for the diesel generator. A 5 Kw solar array installed in the Training Center area in 2016 has been a game changer for home/administrative use. Next up is securing lithium batteries to replace the lead batteries that do not last as long (we are in year 3 of 5). A wind hybrid system added to the solar array will keep the batteries charged during the winter. Plans for a bio-digester will be the next project in the works so we can ecologically transform waste and scraps into energy.


Energy Diversification
Hybrid Wind Solar System

Wind integrated into the 5 Kw solar array in the Training Center area will allow residence and work electrical needs to be met during the winter when the winds are high and light is sparse.

Bio Diesel+Lithium Batteries


To take on the BIG & BOLD we have to have more power at the eco campus to support expanded farm activities including drying and processing. We need 1000 kW of power. The continuous biodiesel generator will be fueled by bio-fuel made on the eco campus. This will cover the lithium batteries as well.


This is next up for sustainable renewables

As we prepare for more people and things going on at the eco campus, we are looking into a bio -digester allowing us to ecologically transform compostables into humus and gas for cooking and heating.

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Accomplishments 2006-2019

  • 2006 producing bio diesel from recycled grease, sold to Pembroke Farmers
  • 2007-2010 Bio-diesel classes for partnering schools and the community.
  • 2009 develop the art of harvesting fallen trees for winter heat.  Teach the characteristics and qualities of wood for burning
  • 2016 installed off grid 5 Kw solar array with batteries and inverter
  • 2006-2019 Teach solar energy maintenance and reduced energy consumption


The Founding Family Homesteading

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