Regenerative Farmer Training

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The Regenerative Farmer Training is a gift of the Cy Pres Black Farmer Discrimination Grant, also known as the Pigford II.  This Phase I award was created from unclaimed funds (98% of the claims were processed successfully) from the descendants  of  black farmers who were discriminated against for decades by the USDA.  We are one of 3 organizations in the north to receive the gift.  It is a return on the investment for the pain and suffering from the many injustices our Ancestors who farmed incurred that has an opportunity to bring a greater justice, resolution to bear.   

We are looking for a few good men and women who love the open land, have a deep passion for life and long for a relationship with the Earth to enroll in this 3 year training program. Learn how to cultivate the land sustainably, regenerate what was once the largest black farming community north of the Mason Dixon Line- the farm lands of the Black Oak Sand Savanna of Pembroke Township and restore the local food system networks that thrived from Pembroke to Chicago over 80 years ago. 

The Elders have held out; black farmlands await you! 

Come make more good on something good! 


Cultivating the next generation of black farmers!

Year I

Regenerative Farming & Commercial Sales Basics: Black Oaks Center Eco Campus

Year II:   

Teff Production


Learn to Grow on Your Own Plot of Land* with Mentorship & Cooperation

Year III

Securing Land to Grow on**

Advanced Regenerative Commerical Farming

*Pembroke Black Land Owners  will either donate, lease or profit share land for cultivation

**Farmer Trainees will be supported to purchase, co-farm and/or lease land to farm on

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