In Lak ‘Ech/People Care: Exercise I

In Lak ‘Ech/People Care: Exercise I

What is Indigenous?  Why Indigenous?

 First Principles

Indigenous means place-based or land-based.  Indigenous people have been living in and learning from their place for thousands of years.

All of us in recent memory have an indigenous ancestral past.  Through colonialism and its strategies of white supremacy and capitalism, we have become de-indigenized (we no longer base our identities and cultures in our place).  One goal for our class is to re-indigenize our practice if not our lives.

Indigenous people exist all over the world.  While different, they share many basic principles.  Three common fundamental principles are respect, interdependence, and reciprocity.  They are similar to the permaculture ethics of people care, Earth care and fair share.

Permaculture concept      Indigenous Concept                          Example

People Care                           respect                                                  In lak ‘ech

Earth Care                             relationships/interdependence   mitakuye oyasin, ubuntu

Fair Share                               reciprocity                                          potlach

In Lak ‘Ech/People Care Practice

Is ‘indigenous’ a comfortable way to think of myself?  Why or why not?

How can I practice respect, interdependence, and reciprocity?  How can I use in lak ‘ech/people care in my life?

How can you use indigenous ethics to improve your interactions with others and your surroundings?

How can we use indigenous ethics to improve our class?

How can we use indigenous ethics to practice better permaculture?

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