BIG & BOLD: 2020 & Beyond


Resilience $1,000,000

  • All Things Hemp Innovation Lab to explore hands on, the over 20,000 varied uses of hemp and encourage the discovery of new uses. 
  • Curriculum Development in Ecological Collaborative Design, Team Building, Living Science (STEAM) Application, K to post doctoral, vocational      
  • Program Development: online courses, podcasts, workshops, retreats, classes, certifications, conferences, art & cultural expressions    
  • Staff expansion & development

Sustainable Agriculture $1,500,000

  • Scale up production to over 100 acres, Holistic Management, animals as well as growing hemp for flower, textiles, fodder grain and soil enhancement. Integration of fruits and vegetable production into husbandry and hemp production
  • Secure farm machinery, supplies, equipment for scale up. Prepare the eco campus for farm scale up (see Sustainable Building and Renewable Energy)
  • Secure hub location on eco campus as well as a Healthy Food Hub Truck to do pop up route markets and make deliveries to access high end to high need communities in the region.

Sustainable Building $1,500,000

  • Construct
    • Hemp processing facility Lab, Creative/Innovation Space
    • Founders Cabin with faculty quarters, Staff cabin with studio
    • Garage/workshop facility
    • Post harvest handling facility for cleaning, sorting and storage and processing, research & development
    • Barn for husbandry training
    • Greenhouses, high tunnels construction
    • Sustainable housing & tipis for staff & guests stays
    • Welcome Center, 200-person, conference facility
  • Repair and Upgrade
    • Eco campus security, Internet/Wi-Fi and communications
    • Eco campus roads
    • Training center residential housing for apprentices
    • Betty Shabazz Community Yurt
    • Lee A. Burns Library
    • Outdoor commons areas and landscape
    • High tunnels for extended growing

Renewable Energy $500,000

  • Secure and install a 1000+ kW continuous duty diesel generator for scaled up farm operations, training and building expansion
  • Install solar hybrid wind turbine to complement energy production for residential and administrative use in the Training Area
  • Projected:  Installation of a bio-digester for energy production and ecological waste management, compost production. 
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