Produce No Waste, Value Diversity, Obtain a Yield

Why is diversity so important?  As we see in permaculture diversity is necessary to use all the energy in a closed ecosystem.  Diversity produces resiliency, beauty, variety, and multiple resources that serve many functions. The Principles of Permaculture focus on the mantra that nature produces no waste. Everything has purpose and value in more ways thanContinue reading “Produce No Waste, Value Diversity, Obtain a Yield”

Eco Practicums

The Design plan of permaculture applications for implementation in the Earth Care and Fair Share Phases will be solidified.  Trainees must work in groups.  Individual design projects must be supported by other projects that complement or are necessary for the success of each design process.  Eco Practicums must be designed to “mimic” a healthy ecosystemContinue reading “Eco Practicums”

Empty lots become flourishing gardens

Change happens in an instant, but sometimes it can take years to manifest the change.  The person to make the change is the person in the mirror.  We have allowed others to determine how we interact with our environment.  The Principles of Permaculture talks about accountability.  Instead of choosing to live in an environment thatContinue reading “Empty lots become flourishing gardens”

Wildness: People and Nature

Please see this video on ‘wildness’ from my first college university about original instructions, indigeneity, etc in mountains of Southern Colorado.  Great example of biomimickry, ecological services, relationships, in lak ‘ech, etc. Devon Pena describes the ‘water democracy’ of the Acequia people. Another video on wildness from Mistinguette Smith of the Black Land Project. Enjoy!!Continue reading “Wildness: People and Nature”