About Us

The Co Founding Family

Meet the Carters!

Fred Carter is a retired transportation executive gone organic farmer & permaculture teacher. After giving up a carbon intense life as a tier one supplier for General Motors, his interest swung to renewable energy when he learned about peak oil. The rest is history. His background as a 2nd generation entrepreneur in transportation has helped with operations and maintenance of farm machinery. He is available for speaking engagements, workshops and teaching.

This is Dr. Jifunza with her husband Fred…its hard to get her by camera as she is usually super busy and yes, ducking because she does not want to take pictures…too vain! She is a family physician who has been using food as medicine for decades. She has been studying mind body work, herbs, supplements and the healing power of plants since she was a teen. She has been growing food for decades, before medical school through post doctoral studies and has lived most of her life in alternate food systems. She has a hard time straddling her love for her patients, her love for humanity and her love of the Earth.

This is that 8 year old guy that started this whole thing! As you can see, he is no longer 8. Akin loves organic farming! He has been along side his Mom growing food since he was a toddler. He is the lead apprentice (6 years of training) and farm manager at the eco campus. He led apprentices in 2019 to grow a beautiful, bountiful Mother Hemp Crop for seed for 2020. We will be hearing more from him.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Rachel Lindsey is the past president of Chicago State University a mother of 2 sons and a lover of nature.

Dr. Pancho McFarland is a professor of Sociology at Chicago State University, an author, a son, a father of 3 sons & a permaculturalist
Osei Andrews-Hutchinson is past president of the Rotary Club of Chicago, multi-talented and only speaks french to his children

Ramona Westbrook, Principal of Brook Architecture is the business logic head of our team. She is many things good but above all she loves green architecture and sustainable design
You guest it, the busy lady that does not like to take pictures, Dr. Jifunza Wright-Carter has the honor of having such wonderful board members to navigate our way through climate uncertainty

Let’s build something together.

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