The Amazing Story of Soil

seedshineSoil is amazing. Do you want to know why? If so, you can get information for free by simply clicking on the link below. Soil is incredible. It forms part of an ecosystem, it adapts to the environment and provides nutrients to plants and organisms. Here I will explain the five major functions of soil. These are:

* Support
* Water Provision
* Habitat
* Digestion
* Respiration

To find out more about each of these essential roles soil plays, simply click the link below! Click here to get the complete functions of soil guide instantly e-mailed to you!

Within the free document, you will discover how soil acts as an anchor for plant roots, how it behaves as a tank for moisture, and how it makes a suitable habitat. Soil can absorb and retain water for the organisms and plant life within its bed. Different soils have different consistencies and you can learn about them here.

Bacteria, fungi, beetles, worms, and many, many other creatures live and work in soil and a healthy soil is beneficial to all those creatures. Most spectacularly, soil can digest matter like our stomachs digest food. As part of the amazing cycle of life, it can decompose dead plants and animals and extract nutrients from the decay and return the resultant forms back to new plants. Also, without soil, plants would not be able to provide the world with the oxygen essential for life! If you want to be wowed by the incredible functions of soil, click below!
Click here to get the complete functions of soil guide instantly e-mailed to you!

Thank you for making the world a better place!


Check out this great video “Soil Stories”

In “Soil Stories”, our protagonist, Francine, embarks on a journey of discovery that begins with her realization that soil is alive and that without soil, life, as we know, would not exist.

Check out this great video “Basic Soil Science” from the Department of Environmental Science. ┬áThis video is a bit technical┬ábut has valuable takeaways every farmer/gardener should know.

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Dr. Jifunza Wright is a family physician and an organic farmer who has been using food as medicine for decades.

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