What to Plant? Starting for the Midwest

garden1Since we started the Lifeboat Series 2017 in February, I have been very anxious and excited about starting my garden this year.  It would not be just another ordinary garden this year.   Not just a bunch of pretty plants while I fuss over the “weeds” and creeping and crawling things with chemicals from the Home Depot and tips from various television commercials and grocery store rack magazines.  magazines Now things are different.  Now I will start my first Permaculture 100% organic garden.  I will become one with my environment.  With pleasant “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance“, thoughts and dreams, I studied the Principles of Permaculture in earnest with frantic anticipation of Spring.

Here we are.  Sigh.  So many dreams of greens! beans! potatoes! Egyptian Flowerstomatoes!  You name it!  However, what to do, how to do and when to do still alludes me.  I have a small area to plant in and I am considering growing some plants indoors.  I am hoping to learn more about myself and which plants I vibe with best.


As we all start out learning more about ourselves and our broke207environments there may be some moments when we come to a point and ask ourselves, what is my vision and how can I manifest this vision? Can it be done?  Will it work? Will they grow, thrive and stay alive?  Who am I and where did we all come from?  lol

No really, now that the time to plant and start this great journey to transform our environments and ourselves using the Principles of Permaculture is here, a bit of frustration, over anticipation, lack of preparation and procrastination can sometimes make us feel fear and wanna give up. Put it off til next year.  Wait.  Let somebody else do it.  Well, it can’t wait and there is no one else who can transform our environment into a personal and communal paradise. Only the people who live in that paradise can make it be so.  So don’t give up!  Let us come together, take whatever we have, and look at wherever we are, and make a commitment to ourselves, our families, our friends and our future.  A commitment to turn our environment into a holistic paradise.  Join us in forging onward with just one seed with an exponential value of infinity.  


Here are a few tips and suggestions on what to plant now from Mother Earth News.

If indoor seed starting is not your thing, but you still want to have the variety and cost effectiveness of seeds, you can direct sow your seeds directly into the garden.  If you are planting in mulch, be sure to open a hole in the mulch, plant the seed to the depth on the seed packet and cover with potting soil.  Mulch can form a hard crust that only the strongest seedling (like beans and squash) can break through.

Here is the by-month seed sowing calendar for our Zone 6 garden.  There are so many early and late varieties available that you should consult the seed packet on the best outdoor sowing times (always listed as the weeks before your last frost date).  Finish reading article here  http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/outdoor-seed-starting-calendar-for-midwest-zbcz1402

I found another article that may be helpful for our planting ideas.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Midwest, your gardening challenges are few when compared to other regions. Most soil in the Midwest is loam or loamy clay, although the soils in Michigan are often black sand. Add some compost or manure every year, and you’ll have beautiful, fertile soils with little effort.  

Off the Grid News http://www.offthegridnews.com/survival-gardening-2/vegetable-gardening-tips-for-the-midwest/

Here is a great video on Permaculture in the Midwest by Bill Wilson


How to become an Urban Farmer tips and tricks


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Dr. Jifunza Wright is a family physician and an organic farmer who has been using food as medicine for decades.

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