Produce No Waste, Value Diversity, Obtain a Yield

Why is diversity so important?  As we see in permaculture diversity is necessary to use all the energy in a closed ecosystem.  Diversity produces resiliency, beauty, variety, and multiple resources that serve many functions.

The Principles of Permaculture focus on the mantra that nature produces no waste. Everything has purpose and value in more ways than one!  Energy is never destroyed it is only transferred from one form to another.  In a closed ecosystem, energy is shared transferred and transformed from lifeform to lifeform.  We all “feed” off each other.  But when we take more than our fair share we create imbalance and become parasitic.

Produce no waste, value diversity and obtain a yield are principles that are applicable in every part of our lives and lifestyles.

Check out this great video on these Permaculture Principles!

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Dr. Jifunza Wright is a family physician and an organic farmer who has been using food as medicine for decades.

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  1. Nice explanation of the food forest concept. She begins with akinoomaage (let land guide) which I think is the proper place to start. Observation. Being ready to receive information from the land/all our relations is key.

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