Creating a Food Forest Step by Step

selfcareZone 0 self-care.  There is an old saying in some communities “you are what you eat”.  We are all products of our environments.   Now there is a NEW paradigm.   The NEW thinking is that you eat what you ARE.   We have finally come to understand that we eat according to our moods and emotions and internal thinking, not just environmental influences.  In order to change our eating habits and improve the quality of our lives, our families and our communities, we need to change our thinking towards self, health, and wellbeing.


If you want a healthier body and mind, consider growing your own food and eating from your own garden.  In this “bag and go” culture, we have all come to a stand still.  We have arrived at that fork in the road where knowledge meets application.  In order to take back our lives, our children, our families, our communities we must take back the environment.  When I say “take back the environment” I mean that we all have come to the obvious understanding that we are products of our environments.

Utilizing the principles of permaculture observe your environment starting at Zone 0. What are you putting inside your body?  What are you NOT putting inside your body?  What visual aesthetics are in your daily environment? What sounds are part of your daily environment?  What is the average temperature and nature of the seasons in your daily environment?  Taking all these things into consideration can assist you in the development of your garden and food choices.  Living in the Midwest there are certain “staples” that are commonly eaten by all.  However, when thinking of your food forest, activate the principles of permaculture and consider diversifying your garden with more varieties of edible plants.

Below is a link to an awesome website that provides you wth a step by step guide for creating a Food Forest.

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Dr. Jifunza Wright is a family physician and an organic farmer who has been using food as medicine for decades.

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