Black Urban Growers Conference-Africaness and Indigeneity

Africaness and Indigeneity-Black Urban Growers Conference is a blog post written by Jackie Smith about the 2014 Black Urban Growers conference.  She is sharing this writing, as a result of our discussion on indigeneity.  The blog post was written for the Enviromental and Food Justice blog in December 2014 and became a vehicle for Jackie to share her voice and the voice of others who are decendants of indigenous land cultivators.

“It is my hope that what I have learned of myself and of other indigenous growers will help the future permaculturalists of the LifeBoat series of Black Oaks Center.”  -Jackie Smith 

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I am an urban vegetable gardener, earth stewardess, food justice advocate as well as the owner and lead consultant of GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc on Chicago's south side. The GrowAsis blog and the Environmental and Food Justice blog are the sites have written my observations and thoughts concerning sustainable food cultivation. I transitioned out of corporate America to focus on environmental sustainable garden practices and educate urban residents on how to grow and secure their own food. In addition to my work in the food justice movement, I have 8 years experience working with youth in Chicago Public Schools and various non-profit organizations. I have a B.S. in agricultural economics from the University of Minnesota and a masters degree in public service from DePaul University. I am a member of the Green Lots Project in the Roseland community with Dr. Pancho McFarland as well as the Healthy Food Hub in South Shore.

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