People Care

Look after self, kin, and community.  That is the basis of people care.  Charity starts at home.  Work out primary relationships with parents, siblings, and children.  Expand people care circle to relatives friends and neighbors.  This is the core of community or “common unity”.   This is the true test of our greater humanity.  In order to save ourselves, our future generations, and our environment, and our planet,we must put people care first.

“If people’s needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, the environment surrounding them will prosper.” 

We must also understand that our environments are an extension of ourselves.  People care includes ethics.  Our ethical principles determine our relationships and interactions with ourselves, others and our environment.   In these changing times, as we reflect on the condition of ourselves and our families and communities, what can we do to enhance the care of the people and places we love?

Here is what one man did.  Listen to his story.

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Dr. Jifunza Wright is a family physician and an organic farmer who has been using food as medicine for decades.

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