What is time banking?  I wrote this blog to help us all understand the concept of time banking.  According to timebanks.org “Timebanking is a kind of money. Give one hour of service to another, and receive one-time credit. … Timebanking happens when a network or circle of members have agreed that they will give and receive credits for services that other members provide. Those networks are called “timebanks.””

I like the idea of time banking and placing less stress on “money” and more emphasis on “humanity”.

Watch this TED TALK on video on Timebanking

What do you think about the time banking concept?

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Dr. Jifunza Wright is a family physician and an organic farmer who has been using food as medicine for decades.

One thought on “Timebanking

  1. Thanks for posting this and being our guide to timebanking. I believe it to be an important practice that goes beyond being an ‘alternative economy’ or ‘gift economy’ but as our timebanking guide in this class pointed out it is about connecting people and working off a different sense and level of trust. I have been wanting to timebank for years but haven’t found that right opportunity. Thanks for providing it!!!

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